Playing golf is a way to stay healthy, get exercise, and have fun all at the same time. The best part of golfing is, you get to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Strolling around the links in nature give us many health benefits including exercise for our mind, body and creativity. “ The mind is your greatest weapon. It’s the greatest club in your bag. It’s also your Achilles heel,” There are those times when you feel so good over the ball you just know that this shot is going to be an exceptional one. Big!! Your mind says let it go you can do it, and you do.


“Playing golf is not only physically good for you, it also releases powerful, natural, mood enhancing drugs called endorphins into your bloodstream. As long as you don’t strive to play with Tiger Woods-like perfection, just having a stroll in the open air and enjoying a round of golf with your friends helps to make you feel better. If the sun is shining – even better!”
- Play Golf – It’s Good For You, Birmingham web site, July 2006


The debate as to whether golfers are really athletes ends with Tiger Woods. We’ve watched him metamorphose from a gangly, 155-pound 21-year-old into a chiseled, 180-pound 28-year-old.  His training schedule would challenge any other professional athlete’s.

His training involves almost anything you find in a gym–weight machines, free weights, dumbbells, medicine balls and various items for stretching and balancing, such as inflatable rubber “physio” balls and foam cylinders. But what Woods does differently from a typical weight lifter, says Deep Bunker, is that he tries to perform various exercises in movements and positions that mimic the golf swing. He works on his golf posture and grip strength while, say, lifting dumbbells.

Woods also performs many exercises that build core strength. This term, relatively new to fitness, means strengthening the muscles that stabilize your body. Core training involves keeping the torso in place while taking

For the average golfer we know that here’s a lot of walking in golf – Playing golf once a week means that you’re walking between four and eight miles regularly once a week, which is great for the heart and lungs. Any activity that leaves you slightly short of breath and works up a bit of a sweat is great for your cardiovascular system, or heart. In addition to lowering harmful cholesterol, it also helps speed up your metabolism, making weight loss easier. A round of golf burns about 300 calories in a 150 pound individual who plays for 1 hour while carrying clubs. If you choose to ride in a cart, the same round of golf will burn only 230 calories. The driving range burns about 200 calories per hour.


Weight Bearing exercises are great for your bones. Weight bearing exercises two to three times a week can create long, lean muscle mass, which helps support a strong skeleton. This type of exercise can also help prevent bone degeneration, including osteoporosis. To include weight bearing in your golf game, carry your clubs. A great option to release stress on your shoulders is a double strapped golf bag.


Golf also reduces stress and cholesterol, two things that everyone needs to reduce. A single game of golf can burn up to a thousand calories, which is a great way to stay in shape and burn off excess fat. A game of golf gets the blood flowing and increases your heart rate, making golf a wonderful cardio-vascular exercise.


Playing a round of golf can help boost your brain power and walking the course will help even more. Studies have shown that new brain cells are created and more oxygen is pumped to the brain when you are active in some kind of aerobic exercise. On this point alone, golf could help ward off Alzheimers. In addition to good nutrition and exercise, mentally stimulating your brain is also believed to help prevent Alzheimers by stimulating blood circulation and improving neural pathway connections. Think of how much mental power it requires you to keep your cool and positive thinking after hitting a bad shot. Golf is constantly challenging your mind in terms of coordination, concentration, visualization, estimation, strategy, preparing for and practicing each shot. Even if you are playing golf alone, it still offers many spoken and unspoken social opportunities that will help stimulate your neuro pathways. Think of all of the nonverbal social thoughts that occur while you are waiting for your turn to approach the ball; such as pace of play, other players club selections and success. It does not matter if this is your worst round of golf because golf is good for your mind and body!

6.     SOCIAL

Like bowling, golf is one of the top social sports out there and it can be played year-round in many locations throughout the country. If you’re walking the course, it can be a calm but thorough workout, and the social side of golf is part of what makes it so popular. There are few things better in sports than teeing up on a beautiful day with good friends.


This vitamin is essential for strong bones, it regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Vitamin D also helps regulate the growth of skin cells. While you can eat some foods that are high in vitamin D, your body can actually make all of this vitamin it needs just by catching some rays outside. So go outside, take a walk around the links and let your body do its work.


Study after study has shown that regular exercise increases the positives that sleep brings. You’ll fall asleep faster and remain in a deep sleep for a longer period of time with regular exercise, which includes activities like golf. Sleep is important because it allows time for your muscles to repair themselves. Playing a round of golf by day will likely increase the quality of your restfulness by night.


The nature of golf requires that you train your mind to become focused and every success builds your self confidence.  Whether you are a professional golfer or a weekend putter walking in nature and the success of getting out there is always a joy!


Many heartwarming stories and family connections have been made with the high’s of winning to the lows of loosing.  One such story is that of Phil Mickelson.

Phil Mickelson was doing his best not to cry again as he slipped on another green jacket and tried to put into words things that he couldn’t possibly put into words.He had already shed a tear on the 18th green, though he wasn’t alone. Anyone who know the story had to shed a few, too, as Mickelson latched onto the tiny blonde woman who had been through so much with her cancer therapy and shared an embrace that neither seemed willing to end.

As the fading sun added some drama to the victory ceremony on the practice putting green, though, Mickelson wanted to talk about something closer to his heart — his wife.

If it was emotional for Mickelson, it was also therapeutic to golf.

The ball flew out of the pine needles, settling just 4 feet from the hole. Mickelson missed the eagle putt but made the comebacker for birdie and didn’t miss another shot the rest of the way in.

Happy & Healthy Golfing!

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