February – Self-Love Month

“Self Love” is something we often preach to our children and loved ones, but when it comes to ourselves, the majority of us tend to fall short. As a Mother and Wife myself, I know all too well how easy it can be to get wrapped up in taking care of everyone else’s needs before addressing your own.  This February – the month of ‘love’ – I invite you to love yourself first.  What? Me? First? Not possible! But wait – hear me out! When we love ourselves first, we are loving those around us and giving them the best version of ourselves. You can’t pour from an empty glass.  So what can loving yourself first look like? It can be whatever you want! It can be going for a workout by yourself, taking a soothing bath, buying yourself some flowers, getting your hair done or giving yourself the gift of glowing skin by coming to see your favourite Medical Spa Specialist, Samantha (*ahem* shameless self promotion).  Whatever it may be – you deserve it.  So take that Zumba class you’ve been meaning to check out or go for one of those Paint Nites … because when you’re happy, your loved ones are happy too.

– A note from Samantha Menard, our MediSpa Specialist.

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