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Natural Pharmacy is a specialized dispensary for a full spectrum of well researched Natural Health Products (NHP) which include homeopathics, botanicals, vitamins and minerals. Supplements can vary dramatically in potency and purity this Revivelife™ selects products based on quality, GMP certification research, standardization and cost. Time is taken to ensure what is on the label is in the product.

The items prescribed by your Revivelife™ Team Professional may be filled at any location of your choice.  Revivelife™ Natural Pharmacy items can be delivered right to your door and   complimentary delivery is offered on items over 100.
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To assist you on your maintenance programs the following is offered:

  • Purchases of 3 of the same item 10% reduction
  • Purchases of 6 of the same item 15% reduction

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The above are only a few of our many suppliers. Revivelife™ is continually researching the most optimal quality products for the best financial investment , call us at 613-829-7100 or email us at for questions regarding your supply of supplements.

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            The acupuncture that I received for allergies from Dr. Villeneuve, was amazing, my visits are annual for 6 visits weekly , then monthly thru the allergy season!"
    R. L.
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