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Kim Rovers, RNEC, BScN, MS


To promote wellness through living well.

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Kim Rovers, RNEC, BScN, MS is Revivelife ™’s  Nurse Practitioner, BHRT Medical Consultant & Wellness Director promoting healthy lifestyle choices for healthy living.  Kim graduated from the University of Ottawa with her Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing in 1994 and began her career in the Victorian Order of Nursing doing Palliative Care.  She continued with Palliative Care doing care management and patient advocacy through Community Care Access Centre. In 2005, she returned to school to further her career in health care.  She graduated from D’Youville College in Buffalo, NYC with her Masters in Science and her Family Nurse Practitioner Certification.  Her practicum was done with various family physicians and specialists in Guelph and Owen Sound, Ontario.  While immersed in family practice, she became more interested in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), disease prevention and healthy lifestyle living and assisting patients with healthy lifestyle management.  She has completed an Inclinic Certification in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women with Integrative Medicine Consultants Inc. (Canada) and is a good standing Member of the Trubalance Healthcare Inc. (Canada) – Bioidentical Hormone Physician Network.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a well-evidenced based method of therapy that allows WOMEN to take back their lives and regain that same vibrancy and passion for life that they once enjoyed in their youth. A vibrancy that many have begun to fear had been lost forever due to the significant changes that come along with the natural aging process. Kim Rovers believes every day should be an opportunity to feel great and live your best life. So, before you give up hope, turn to the specialists and call Revivelife™

For MEN we offer a Custom Human Identical Testosterone Replacement Program. Is your get up and go gone?  Do you have any of these symptoms? Low libido, decreased muscle mass, fatigue, frequent urination, brain fog, anxiety, sugar cravings, ches, pains or stiffness, anxiety, cognitive concerns, decreased beard growth, hair loss, moodiness, depression, erectile dysfunction, excessive sweating, fatigue, elevated cholesterol, increased fat around the abdomen, poor exercise recovery, sleep issues, and/or weight gain? Then you would benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

While aging may be inevitable it certainly doesn’t have to be painful.

Aging is natural, a process born of life, itself, but no longer does it have to be such an uncomfortable transition thanks to innovative and effective therapies like Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), and Testosterone (Human Identical) Replacement Therapy (TRT) treatments that can help you rediscover a part of yourself you may have thought you had lost.

Career Highlights

Kim works collaboratively with each individual patient Revivelife ™ to help them achieve their goals and ideals, for living their best life.

Why I Love What I Do

Promoting health and wellness is her passion which continues to grow as she expands her knowledge in integrative medicine.

Living Life 

Promoting health and wellness is a passion which continues to grow as she expands her knowledge in integrative medicine.  She enjoys time with her three children and being in nature.

The art of living well doesn’t just happen, it is slowly created over time

Call today for your initial consultation and learn more about how Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help you achieve your greatest YOU, yet! Don’t allow the symptoms of age-related hormonal decline dictate your lifestyle.