Dr. Sanford (Sandy) Siegel


Dr. Sandy Siegel, PhD.


Areas of Interest 



Dr. Sanford (Sandy) Siegel PhD is a trained and experienced psychotherapist and counsellor.  Over the years, he has provided support and guidance to individuals committed to developing an enhanced emotional intelligence through their personal effort and involvement in the therapeutic process.

During his 14+ years in private practice in Vancouver and Ottawa, Sanford has worked with individuals dealing with a wide range of personal issues including: the impact of  stress, grief, anxiety and depression, anger, childhood abuse, addiction and relationship break-ups.  He has also worked extensively with individuals in search of enhanced career performance and enriched personal lives.

Career Highlights

Dr. Siegel has had an opportunity in his 14+ years of practice to facilitate many of his clients to improved lifestyle and mental health.

Why I Love What I Do

Life gets busy but when we stop to listen the answers become clearer.

Living Life 

Dr. Siegel  can be found enjoying time with lovely wife and family traveling the globe for life’s next adventure.


Enjoy every minute of your life!