Thermography Clinics

Revivelife Clinic regularly hosts Thermography Clinics. This innovative service helps to make any possible changes or abnormalities existing within the body apparent, and allows for early assessment of potential health imbalances.  It is used in conjunction with other laboratory findings to assist your practitioner in formulating a health care plan. Thermography has been used extensively in human medicine for the past 20 years.
As a valued client, you are personally invited to this limited-opening clinical session.
What is Thermography?
Thermography (Digital Infared Thermographic Imaging) is a painless non-invasive test that uses an infared camera to measure and identify thermal changes in the body without any exposure to radiation. Problem areas often display higher temperatures due to increased metabolic activity and blood flow.
Which conditions can Thermography help to Identify?
Thermography may assist in assessment of :
Circulatory Concerns
Soft tissue injuries
Joint disease
Neural impingements
Chronic and acute pain
Digestive disorders
Is Thermography safe?
YES. The procedure is harmless, non-invasive, and contains NO radiation.
Options Include:
·         Regional: Breast/Prostate
·         Wellness: Breast, Thyroid & Uterus
·         Full Body: Review of Body
How do I reserve an appointment during the clinic?
To reserve an appointment please call 613-829-7100


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