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5 Steps to Better Health

It’s a new year, will it be a new you?

There is one thing that everyone wishes for their friends, family and for themselves: great health! But how do you reach optimal health and wellness? How do you obtain all of your health goals? It is easier than you may think. Read on to find out which 5 steps you have to take.

health goals

Identify your main health goals

Goals must be realistic and attainable. First, prioritize your health concerns; still smoking? Have some extra weight you would like to lose? Eat junk food often? Pay attention to the bad habits that you’d like to break, and to the changes that you need to make. Focus on the most important goal, and set 100 % of your determination on meeting this specific goal. Once you have achieved this, you can move on to your second goal. If you do not prioritize your goals, and try to achieve them all at once, your focus will be cloudy, and your mind will be scattered, allowing for a lower success rate.


Rid your life of negativity

Stress is a huge factor when it comes to health problems and their symptoms; negativity breeds stress. Do you spend too much time with people who are rude or bring you down? Do you place yourself in unpleasant situations or overwork yourself? Identifying the people and situations in your life that cause you to think negatively or bring you stress is key. Once you know your sources of stress and negativity, you can work to avoid them. At the same time, try to think of the people who bring you joy, and are optimistic! Pay attention to the activities that make you smile. Replacing negativity with positivity will give you a fresh and pleasant outlook on life, giving you the energy and motivation to reach all of your goals and be your healthiest self.

full tank

Don’t run on empty

There are many things that our bodies need: water, food, sleep and social interaction; ensure your body gets its fair share. Do not deprive yourself of the basic necessities you need. We all have busy lifestyles these days, and it is easy to forget about ourselves when we have children to bring to ballet and deadlines to meet, but doing so is letting everybody down, not just yourself. You work to the best of your ability when you are rested, satiated and satisfied! So do your best to drink when thirsty, eat when hungry, sleep when tired and say yes to that party invite! Don’t let YOURSELF down!



Meditation may seem like just another trend, but the health benefits are tried and true. Taking 20-30 minutes a day for yourself to completely un-wind and de-stress is incredibly beneficial for your health. It’s 2017 and we are constantly surrounded screens and social media. Whether through our conscious or sub-conscious mind, we are influenced and affected by what we see in media and social media every single day. Giving yourself a moment where you are fully un-plugged allows your mind to re-set.


Take care of your physical body

Practicing good personal hygiene, following a skincare regime and getting dressed up is not vain, it’s imperative to your health. When you look in the mirror and are satisfied with your reflection, you feel positive, happy and full of pride. Your body is the only thing in the world that is completely yours, you are in charge of your body and you should care for it. Following a routine also gives you something to look forward to each day.

Good luck and be happy in health!

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