Workplace Wellness

When you are busy working a 9 to 5 workday you may find it tricky to eat healthy, nutritious snacks. With a touch of weekly planning and some simple recipe prep, you can easily have some satisfying and delicious treats on hand to keep you well and nourished at the workplace. Here are our top five snack foods for workplace wellness:

1. Fruit Smoothie

Start your day off on a nutritious note by blending up a whole food smoothie. Combine a cup of antioxidant rich berries, a handful of leafy green spinach and 2 cups of almond milk in a blender. Pour the smoothie mixture into a mason jar, so that it is easy to travel with and to mix up when you get to the office or workplace.

2. Trail Mix

Trail mix is a perfect go to snack to satisfy and sustain you throughout your busy workday. The mixture of nuts, seeds and dried fruits contains the key macro nutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fat. This combination is well balanced and allows you to maintain your blood sugar levels throughout the day, reducing your cravings for sugar. You can pop into your local bulk or health food store to make your own, by selecting a handful of your favorite nuts, seeds and dried fruit. By making your own trail mix, you can also limit the amount of dried fruits to reduce your sugar intake.

3. Simple Apple

This fall, reach for a crisp, nutritious apple to snack on during the afternoon. Apples combat the afternoon slump with the natural sugars without spiking your blood sugar because of the fiber component found in the skin of the apple. Red apples such as MacIntosh, Spartans or Ambrosia contain an antioxidant called quercetin. Studies have found that quercetin can help boost and fortify your immune system, especially when you may be under stress. Choose organic, locally grown apples when possible.

4. Hummus and Veggies

Hummus is a smooth and satisfying snack that is made from blending chickpeas, garlic, tahini, olive oil and lemon juice. Chop up a variety of raw vegetables in advance (carrots, celery, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli) and stock up your refrigerator to have them easily on hand. By loading up on raw veggies, you will increase your levels of enzymes and fiber to boost your immune system. Hummus also contains essential macronutrients protein , carbohydrates and “good “fats.

5. Chocolate Avocado Dip and Tropical Fruit

For those of you with a sweet tooth, you can whip up a simple chocolate and avocado dip to compliment pineapple, papaya or kiwi. Combine one avocado with a tablespoon each of maple syrup and cocoa. Blend the ingredients until they are smooth. Chop up your favorite tropical fruit, and smother each piece with the chocolate avocado dip. These tropical fruits are rich in enzymes which help you to break down foods throughout your day. This in turn will improve your digestion and immune system.

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