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“I am thrilled to announce that my health & nutrition cookbook is available for purchase! This is a project from the heart in support of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation which is dedicated to supporting cancer care and research to prevent, detect, diagnose, and cure cancer. Thank you to all as new strides in health and this book wouldn’t be possible without you!”

~ Dr. Joël, ND

Boost Energy, Be Lean & Get Your Glow!

“Dr. Joël ND’s plan has helped me heal after 15 years of being unwell every day. I have more energy, sleep better, lost weight and am myself again! Through the healing process, I found there was so much conflicting information on the internet so I was so excited to hear that Dr. Joel was creating a guide for all of us. This book makes healthy living SIMPLE with her 101approach, SUPER EASY & TASTY with her whole food recipes that are MEDICINE FORYOUR BODY. It is very clear that Dr. Joël ND truly loves to learn, share & help people. Thank you so much Dr. Joel for helping me on my journey to wellness!”~ Mary Anne Howard

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Contact or 613-829-7100 for more information about making special bulk orders of 20 books or more for personal or corporate gifts, sales or fundraising efforts. Ask Us About The Corporate Wellness Seminars & Programs to Power Your Workplace!

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The 6 Keys to Reversing Pain, Embarrassment, and Discomfort.

Anti-Inflammatory & Digestion Enhancing Recipes.

Enjoy a Healthy Happy Tummy.