Wishing All a Wonderful Easter (Virtually or at Home). As the world deals with a global crisis our hearts go out to all those on the front lines and the families that support them. We thank you for your continued support.
We hope that you and your family are well.in these challenging times. Your health is of our upmost priority to us.
We have created innovative ways of taking care of our patients. Our efforts to ensure the safety of our staff, clients, and the more vulnerable members of our community during the COVID-19 include, but are not limited to:
1. Modified & Reduced Hours
Reception is open: Monday – Thursday 10 am -5 pm Friday 10 am -1 pm
2. Virtual Health  or Telephone Consultations – so that your care is seamless. At this time Dr. Anderson DC is not currently seeing clients. We will be sure to update you when his practice reopens.
3. Lab Testing – tests for BHRT or ND care that require visiting a laboratory can be deferred and your visits may proceed by telehealth with your nurse practitioner or ND.  Other home test kits are still available which include: Food Intolerance, Saliva or DUTCH hormones, Microbiome GI Map stool, SIBO breath, Organic Acid (digestion, detox, energy, select nutrients and neurotransmitters) test and others. These test kits can be delivered right to your door for your convenience.
4. Direct Billing – is now available.so that you may save on expenses
5. Supplement Refills  – can be delivered right to your door (free on orders over $50 in the Ottawa area), to your car upon arrival at the clinic (just text or call us when you arrive) or pick-up. **Please call or email ahead to have your prescription/supplement order prepared and paid for in advance. This accommodates social distancing guidelines. * Note – deliveries must be signed for or received as they will not be left in the mailbox or at your doorstep.
  • Ask us about our Immune Trio: Deep Immune, NAC and Quercetin.
  • Zinc lozenges just arrived back in stock

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6. On-Line Supplements – We are also working on bringing you Reivelife all supplements on-line including our Naturopathic Dr. created immune formulas!
You can preorder our Revivelife Immune Series: 
  1.  Cold & Flu – containing B and T immune cell enhancing herbs with extra herbs and antioxidants for respiratory health
  2.  Microbx – natural antimicrobial
  3.  Biotic – select probiotics researched to support immunity with extra vitamin C and D that is shelf stable
  4.  Vit & Min – C, D, Zinc, and copper


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By consulting with  your Naturopathic Doctor your immune plain can be tailored to add variations for pre-existing digestive, hormone, or other health imbalances.
Please take a look at our Health Blog for supportive resources shared by various local businesses and our Revivelife team with over 25 years of unique health information written by our practitioners for you that we are continuing to work on. Some of our latest postings include:
Cornoavirus Natural Immune Support

Coronavirus Natural Immune Support

Coronavirus Natural Support

Find out what you really need to know, Are you washing your hands properly?  What natural remedy is being researched in China with Michael Chretien (former prime minster Cretien’s brother)
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By Dr. Joël ND:
Wellness Shopping Right to your Door
Find out what goodies are available on line like this lovely diffusor and Juniper oil to help keep the air in your home clear or Fatso keto friendly nut butter which is a perfect combo of peanut butter and chocolate! Yum!
Power Foods to make with what’s on hand!
5 Ingredient Cookie,  Zen Buddha Bowl and more! Find out what Dr. Joel always keeps in her pantry that supports macrophages to support immunity and you can use in soups, bowls, or can even double as a plant based protein.

Do hormones affect immunity?

Hormones & Immunity

Is there a difference in immunity in men vs women? What about at different times of the month for women with a period?  What about women in peri or menopause? Which hormones help support immunity?  Answers to these and much more!


Each month our team recommends books to keep you as sharp as a tack! Enjoy increasing  your neuroplasticity and brain power by reading:

  • MARCH’S READ – The Teenage Brain
  • APRIL’S READ – The End OF Alzheimer’s
Not enough time? Catch us for shorter tips on:
  • Instagram @DrJoelND  @Drdianasemjonov @revivelifeTM
Thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive community in supporting us and other small businesses. We continue to navigate the fluidity of the situation, work on bringing you the latest health tips and we definitely feel stronger together!
Sincerely Dr Joel ND and The Revivielife Team

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