Workplace Wellness

Is your company using the “Corporate Trio”  to promote a healthy workplace?

Health, Happiness & Support = Productivity

 More and more companies are finding that healthier employees are also happier and more productive. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that for every dollar invested in wellness, companies average a return of $2.71 by way of increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, higher job satisfaction, greater employee retention, and reduced healthcare cost. Companies have an opportunity to foster all three to everybody’s benefit with a corporate wellness program.

But while most companies do something to promote employee health and well-being, very few just 7% of companies surveyed in a nationally representative 2008 study offer a comprehensive program. The health benefits of corporate wellness programs are many, including better response to stress, smoking cessation, weight loss and obesity prevention, diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol management, and personal health and safety practices like seat belt use and sleep hygiene.

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