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Hormones Hot Flashes Natural Menopause Support

Hot flashes got you down? Well you are not alone, by 2015 i.e. now… more than 50 % of women in North America will be either peri-menopausal or menopausal.  Yikes that`s a lot of flashing going on! Some women will go this process without a hitch and others will feel like their life has suddenly changed.  Of course hormones do play a role in everything from our energy, the glow in our skin to our mood.  So chances are if you are going through this time, you and others most likely will have felt it.

The degree of how much peri-menopause or menopause affects you will depend a great deal on how well you have taken care of your health prior.  Your adrenal glands will try and make up for the 75% reduction in progesterone and 25% reduction in estrogen as much as they can.  If you have lead a busy stressful life, the adrenal glands may be tired and not able to produce the transition, back up hormones as much as needed, hence the more difficult transition.  Lower levels of progesterone are related to irritability, and swelling in the body i.e. fluid retention, while lower levels of estrogen are related to dry dry dry hair, skin, nails and that loss of glow.

Here are a few tips to help you out and it is recommended to touch base with your health care team, earlier vs later to learn how you can feel at your best during this empowering time in your life!  Although this is for all you ladies out there, gentlemen don`t forget that you go through andropause too!


1. Water

With all that dryness going on, related to reducing estrogen, water is the basic fluid that can help reduce dry skin, hair, nails and restore your glow. It can also help to reduce excess bloating. Try the app drink timer that reminds you to take a break and drink! Enjoy flavored waters with slices of cucumbers and mint or just plain old lemon.

2. Kale

Kale is my ultimate favorite green (although they are all good!) that is rich in calcium for your bones, minerals to support calcium and flexibility of bones, and iron for energy. Although most of us think about dairy when we think about calcium, research shows that we can absorb up to 58% of calcium from our greens vs 32% from dairy. Great to help you get our 1200mg of calcium needs for the day! Don`t forget your Vitamin D3 as well adding 1000-2000IU a day. Add kale to your smoothies, salads and soups!

3. Chia Seeds

Once known as hippy health food, chia seeds are my favorite, especially for the battle of the bulge or `fluffy bunnies`as my kids like to call love handles. Where exactly did those come from? Well your metabolism shifts down by 5% per decade and research shows that most of us will gain 12-15 pounds.  This weight all seems to go to the middle changing pear shaped bodies into apples.  Apples are great to eat, but not so great as a shape to help us get into our jeans. So be sure and revisit portion control as most of us overeat by 25%. Use smaller plates to help and add chia seeds to increase fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and help us release the hormone leptin to tell us we are full. Simply add 3 tablespoons to your smoothies, salads or make a pudding by adding one half cup of almond milk or other dairy free milk option a touch of stevia or other natural sweetener and voila!  For those chocoholics simply add cacao powder, (raw).

4. Nutritional Yeast

This vegan or vegetarian favorite is an awesome way to boost up your energy and support your adrenal glands. Super rich in B vitamins, just two tablespoons contains B1 640%, B2 570%, B3 280%, B6 480% and B12 130% of your daily needs (based on a 2000 calorie a day diet, which may be too high during menopause, speak to your health care team to find what is right for you)  Sprinkle on top of stir fries, or kale chips.

5. Flax Seeds   

These tiny gems are a natural hot flash coolant in a seed!  They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and a bit of phytoestrogen all to help you glow, your metabolism and those hot hot flashes!

Note: Although many are suggesting soy for menopause, soy should be used in moderation as cooked edamame (to reduce phytic acid and anti-nutrients) in fermented forms such as tempeh or miso, following traditional methods of preparation.  Also limit alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and spicy foods which make hot flashes, urinary incontinence, mood swings and bone loss worse.

Try our chia Energy Bombs!!! Helps to Kool Those Hormone Hot Flashes!!!

If hot flashes have you down, we can help!

Dr. Joel, N.D.

Inspiring Health, Naturally

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