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Discover comprehensive lab testing services at Revivelife Clinic for personalized health insights. Uncover the root cause of your health concerns with advanced diagnostic tests tailored to your needs. Take control of your well-being with our precise and holistic approach to healthcare.


There are many types of lab tests available. Your Naturopathic Doctor or Nurse Practitioner that you are working with will help you select the tests that are best suited to your needs.

In Canada, all lab tests require a consultation with a health care provider prior to testing. The training and expertise of your practitioner will help navigate the optimal testing options as well as their interpretation. We recommend a Naturopathic Initial Consult for the most thorough approach. Book an appointment today.

A post-lab consultation is recommended to review your results and integrate them into your tailored plan.

Individual insurance plans are unique to you. We recommend checking with your provider to determine if lab testing is covered in your specific plan. We are happy to provide a sample invoice so that you can provide this information to your insurance company for confirmation. Please request this from your patient care coordinator at reception. Your Revivelife health professional can also assess your current labs or refer you to your medical doctor for testing that may be covered under OHIP.

Your Naturopathic Doctor (ND) or Nurse Practitioner (NP) can order similar testing as your medical doctor as well as another advanced integrative testing not currently covered under OHIP. Naturopathic testing is not covered by OHIP. Nurse practitioners can order lab tests covered under OHIP however do charge for their consultations which are not covered under OHIP. In addition, integrative practitioners will evaluate lab results in the optimal vs normal target zones for preventive optimal health.

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