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A blood test that assesses 16 key nutrient markers (A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, E, Calcium, Chloride, Copper, Ferritin, Folate, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Zinc). If you are not hitting your training goals or wondering if you are taking the right supplements, consider nutrient testing. Micronutrient 2 also available for 31 advanced nutrient markers.
Elite Athlete Add On: Iron, CK, K, Alkaline Phosphatase, BUN Creatinine, Bilirubin
Vital for competitive athletic performance, longevity & overall health.


Evaluation of overall health including inflammation, cardiovascular status, select nutrients and hormones with targets of optimal vs normal range. Add on options for athletic performance, micronutrients, amino acids, and or essential fatty acids available.
May be recommended if you are experiencing fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, hormone changes or for longevity medicine.


This DNA Genetic Test Fitness focuses on those genes associated with creating the optimal performance plan. It includes looking at Hormone Metabolism, Blood Sugar, Weight & Metabolism, Fitness (Exercise Performance & Impact) & Injury Risk.
Best suited to those who want targeted results and a plan for fitness goals and overall metabolism or weight.

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You invest in your fitness by training hard and setting your goals. Why not go the extra distance and ensure that you are ready for optimal achievement from the inside and out? Testing is key to assessing overtraining syndrome, nutrient deficiencies, energy production, recovery capacity, mental focus, and injury prevention.

The common symptoms and conditions associated with sub-optimal athletic health include:

Adrenal Health – Fatigue, Irritability, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Weight
Brain & Neurotransmitters – Lack of Focus, Reduces Response Time, Mood Changes, Increased Injuries, Heightened Sense of Pain
Digestion – Bloating, Gas, Diarrhea, Constipation, Heartburn, IBS, Leaky Bowel Syndrome
Food Reactions – Intolerances, Sensitivities, Allergies
pH – Acidity, Pain, Inflammation, Chronic Disease, Food Reactions
Immunity – Colds, Flus, Allergies
Metabolism – Blood Sugar Imbalances
Nutrient Deficiencies – Fatigue, Mood Changes, Weakened Immunity, Lack of Performance
Additional – Nutritional Ketosis, Dehydration, Electrolytes

The principal risks of developing athletic performance imbalances include:

Excess Alcohol
Genetic Link
Hormone Imbalance
Jet Lag
Lack of Sleep
Medication Use–antibiotics, NSAIDs
Overtraining Syndrome
Poor Diet–Standard North American Diet (SNAD), which is low in fiber and high in sugar and saturated fats
Stress-reducing the good microbiome and digestive enzymes

Your Naturopath or Nurse Practitioner will help assess which test is right for you, including an analysis of the most cost-efficient path of testing. We recommend a New Patient Visit with one of our Naturopathic Doctors for the most comprehensive approach to your health or a Pre-Lab Visit for a quick snapshot before lab testing as there are many tests available. Lab testing alone is a one-dimensional picture of your health. The expertise of a health professional is required to create a three-dimensional picture for proper selection, and interpretation of lab testing. To complete your care we recommend booking your Post-Lab consult 2 weeks after testing to review your results and receive your tailored health plan.

Most of the integrative athletic performance testing is not offered under OHIP-based services from your medical doctor who is more focused on assessing disease. Our goal is to assess your health for optimal performance, long-term wellness, quick recovery, and the prevention of conditions including osteoarthritis that athletes may be at increased risk for due to the intensity and repetitive nature of their sport.

Third-party insurance companies may cover all or a portion of your consultations. The MUT and MUT+ may be covered under third-party insurance plans under in-clinic tests. Most other integrative testing is not currently covered by private insurance companies. Please check with your provider for details and how to submit claims.

Your Revivelife clinician will review all findings and create a tailored plan for you based on what are the root causes of your athletic performance imbalances. The use of tailored meal plans, nutrients, vitamins, minerals (oral or IV), herbs, probiotics, prebiotics, stress management, and or acupuncture that promote healing is often advised. One approach may include the use of glycine for injuries. Glycine increases collagen synthesis for optimal joint health (deficiency may be an important cause of osteoarthritis), can reduce swelling, limit the production of inflammatory cytokines, and has been shown to help treat patients with chronic pain syndromes associated with inflammation.1,2

We recommend a New Patient Visit for the most comprehensive approach to your health or a Pre-Lab Visit for a quick snapshot before lab testing and a Post-Lab consult to review your results and receive your tailored health plan.

Vandenberg RJ, Ryan RM, Carland JE, et al, Glycine transport inhibitors for the treatment of pain, Trends in Pharm Sciences 35 (8) 423-430 August 1, 2014
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