Welcome to Revivelife Clinic’s Lab

The mission of Revivelife Clinic’s Lab is to offer the latest laboratory techniques and the latest strategies in health care. The goal is to provide health care practitioners and their patients with information that facilitates wellness by evaluation of labs in their “optimal zone” vs “normal zone”. At Revivelife Clinic we use traditional laboratory testing that has been requisitioned by either your medical doctor or our health professionals and integrative “functional medicine” laboratory testing to assist us in assessing, formulating a natural plan, and monitoring your progress for your healing journey.  Functional medicine focuses on the function of organ systems, the interactions that exist and their impact on the body.  In many cases these functional imbalances may not be considered a disease yet, however are the source of your less than optimal health.

We offers a wide variety of laboratory services designed to complementary to your medical doctor and specialists testing. Allergy & Intolerances, Anti-Aging, Integrative Cardiology, Digestive Panels, Hormone Testing, Medical Thermography, Ienergy Core Labs (Bowel Function, Adrenal Function, & General Wellness), Ienergy©, General Wellness & Neurotransmitters, Vitamin & Mineral Assessment , Weight Optimization Testing  are a few of the many tests offered

Due to the nature of laboratory testing, any lab test results alone do not diagnose a disease or health condition and need to be interpreted together with your medical history.  We recommend a new patient visit prior to lab testing and a follow up visit for interpretation and integration of your results with follow up care.

 For more information on labs not listed below, please click here