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Power up with power foods

Power up with power foods

We all endure that mid-day slump from time to time. It’s 2 o’clock and you only have a few hours of work left, but you are ready to turn your keyboard into a pillow. So you drag yourself to the office kitchen and pour yourself a cup of coffee, but by the time your mug is empty you feel even more tired than before!

So how do we stay energized throughout the day? Luckily there are plenty of foods with vitamins, minerals and protein that fuel us full of energy naturally. Below you will find recipes that will equip you to stay focused and ready for the busy days ahead! The best part? The Power Foods featured not only peak your energy levels, but will leave you feeling full, help you meet daily nutrient goals and help you stay lean!


These little bite sized snacks contain 5.25 grams of energy per ball. Protein not only provides you with sustainable energy but also balances blood sugar levels and helps your body build lean muscle! These protein balls are also very portable, whether you are at the office, on your way to your child’s soccer game or just catching up on your favourite T.V. show, you can munch away!


Unfortunately, some mornings we simply do not have the time to cook and eat a full breakfast. So how do we begin our day with the nutrients and energy that our body needs? Smoothies are a fast and easy way to ensure that your body is fueled up and ready to go! This smoothie contains the Power Food “Maca” which a nutrient rich adaptogen (balancer) providing amino acids, Vitamins B, C, E, the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. When our nutrient levels are high, your body performs at its best!


The name gives it away, these little snacks give you so much energy! They may be little but they pack a nutrient punch, with 43% of your magnesium , 32% of your phosphorus and 30% of your iron daily needs in just two of these energy bombs. Magnesium is a mineral that powers many energy producing reactions in the body, while phosphorus helps your brain function and the utilization of protein.

All of the above recipes can be found in Power Foods 101! Pick up a copy today and stay energized for life!

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