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Revivelife Clinic, providers of evidence based
Naturopathic & Integrative Medicine. A New Standard of Modern Medicine.


In 1991, a young Naturopathic Doctor had the vision to bring a new standard of Comprehensive Modern Medicine to this city. She began working and mentoring with Dr. Don Warren, ND, until his appointment to become the dean of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. On February 18, 1993, Revivelife, Naturopathic Integrative Health Clinic in Ottawa, opened its doors.

Our mission statement was and still is to

Inspire Whole Health Through
Balance, Vitality & Empowerment

We have been working on that promise every day since. Our team has grown to include over ten integrative health practitioners who are continually training, researching, and collaborating to bring you the latest strategies in wellness medicine.


our 4 foundations


Collaborative modern medicine with a team of professionals all under one roof.


Assessment of the source of your concerns using advanced testing and investigations.


Integrative health care taking the time to tailor your plan just for you.


Support, supplements, wellness workshops, recipes, blogs, book and many more.

your 4 foundations


Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

"View challenges as opportunities"


4 hours per week.

Motion helps to oxygenate, energize and heal


4 cups of veggies per day.

Vibrant fuel to provide enzymes, nutrients and good bacteria.


4 hours per week.

Natural and self-care helps to ground you and reduce stress.


As Canadians, we hold 70% of the world’s remaining wilderness. How we treat the planet matters. We pride ourselves on the way we practice and support increasing plant-based foods and a sustainable lifestyle to promoting well-health for you, your family and the earth.


We believe that it is important to surround yourself with those who energize you and to give back to our community. Revivelife is committed to improving the lives of not only our clients but those around us. The Power Foods 101 Book Project is a fundraising project to support ongoing natural health and nutrition cancer research. Ways to participate include hosting a Wellness Seminar at your work or school and or purchasing The book Power Foods 101. The book is available at Revivelife Clinic and on Amazon. 


Revivelife is honoured and privileged to support the following charitable organizations:

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, The National Capital Outawais Ski Team (NCO), Happy Feet and Autism Canada

Dr. Joel, ND is the founder of:  The Power Foods 101 Project and Blast Off To Kids Wellness


Dr. Joel Villeneuve, ND

Dr. Joel, ND, founded Revivelife in 1993. Through her research on health and the potential of the human body, mind, and spirit, she created the four foundations of Revivelife: a collaborative TEAM approach with professionals taking particular interest in different areas to complement each other, the use of advanced diagnostics and investigations to find the ROOT CAUSE of your health imbalances for long-lasting results, PERSONALIZED MEDICINE tailored to you and RESOURCES to support your journey to health. Her own experiences as an gymnast, coach, student, pregnant woman, and mom raising a family with athletic kids helped her understand the needs of you and your family in health. She also learned what it feels like to be exhausted when she went through adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance as a young professional. Dr. Joel, ND quickly learned what challenges us makes us stronger and how to balance life to achieve wellness. She shares these insights daily with you.

A part of the healing journey includes nourishing your body with nutritious fuel. Dr. Joel ND’s passion for nutrition began as she grew up in a Korean home where love poured into every home-made meal with fresh whole foods from their ever-abundant gardens. She is proud to be the founder and author of the Power Foods 101 project and book a nutritional tool kit in support of cancer research.Dr. Joel, ND is continually committed to helping people live balanced lives to their full potential.

Dr. Joel Villeneuve, ND


At Revivelife Clinic, we bring you the best of Science & Nature using evidence based therapies to guide you on your path to wellness. We promote the body’s inner healing mechanism by  nourishing you with an active healthy lifestyle, whole food nutrition and integrative medicine to balance your health.

Personalized Natural Medicine.

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