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Fast Acting

Vitamin drips and injections correct intracellular deficiencies quickly. This optimizes nutrients and helps explain why some people feel so much better despite having “normal” bloodwork.

More Nutrients

Vitamin Lounge therapies provides a greater therapeutic dose than what can be difficult or impossible to reach by diet and/or oral supplementation alone.

Better Absorption

It’s not only what you eat, but what you absorb! Higher nutrient levels are particularly important for those with reduced nutrient intake, allergies, intolerances and or digestive concerns.

92% of the North American population is suffering from at least one vitamin or mineral deficiency and does not know it. Vitamin drips (IV)s and injections (IMs) are nutrient therapies that flood your body with nutrients that are 2-10 times the amount available through oral supplements. 

Feel Better in Just 30+ Minutes!

*All Vitamin Lounge drips and injections require consultation and blood work prior to administration. Select a Vitamin Lounge pre-screen appointment to get you started right away or a Naturopathic Initial Part I for a more in depth review and plan for your health.



Our IV-Max’s are drips to give you the ultimate effect! The foundation of our IV drips is the IV-Max Power or Meyer’s formula which is then tailored to your needs. This drip is touted as a “Cure All” that works great as a quick boost!


Our IM-Minis are a quick shot to boost your body! The foundation of our IM shots is the IM-Mini Energize Adrenal formula. Other popular shots are Vitamin D or custom tailored options.


Conditions that have responded positively to the Myers’ cocktail (B vitamins, B5, B6, B12, C, Calcium and Magnesium) treatment which is the foundation to our formulas include: anti-aging, athletic performance, brain health, digestive conditions, fatigue, headaches/migraines and more.


Please note that all IV’s and IM’s require a 30-minute pre-lab consult, and blood work prior to therapy. If your concerns are more comprehensive we will require a 60-minute initial visit.

Most people tolerate IM and IV therapy very well and have no trouble during or after the treatment. Your Revivelife Vitamin Lounge team has been trained on all risks and will review any that may apply to you. Discuss any of your concerns with your practitioners.

  • IM Therapy: Rarely reported side effects may include: Irritation or pain in the area at the injection site; warmth or flushing; and or lightheadedness/dizziness. Iron injections may stain and have other risks that your practitioner will review with you prior to treatment. These discomforts typically get better shortly after treatment.
  • IV Therapy: Dehydration causes the most post IV symptoms and concerns.  So be sure to hydrate before, during and after your treatment to avoid this possibility. Symptoms associated with dehydration include: headache, dizziness, dry mouth, and possible joint stiffness. Other Rarely reported side effects may include: irritation or pain in the area at the injection site; warmth or flushing due to the relaxing effects of magnesium increased circulation, lowering of blood pressure; lowering of blood sugar; muscle cramps or weakness; taste of B-vitamins; upset stomach; rash; headache ; and, or nausea.
  • Vitamin C IV’s may cause urinary frequency and an artificial elevation of blood sugar due to the similarity in molecular structure of vitamin C and glucose.
  • Glutathione IV’s may cause hypoglycemia, or malaise/fainting during IV as a consequence of allergy to sulphas and/or liver detoxification issues and genetic SNPs that affect the body’s ability to convert sulphites to sulpha. Caution in those who are allergic/sensitive to sulpha containing products e.g. wines, antibiotics.

Side effects can generally be avoided by slowing down the rate of infusion and typically get better shortly after treatment. If you have any side effects be sure and let your health care provider know.

Although it is always best to get your nutrients from your menu first, much of what you take in orally may not find it to your blood stream, particularly if you have digestive issues. Nutrient deficiencies may be due to not being able to eat enough of the right foods, the foods that you eat are low in nutrients themselves, poor digestion, food sensitivities, chronic inflammation, increased demands with higher performance or stress, poor immunity or chronic illness. IM and IV therapy ensures that the nutrients are directly absorbed into the system.

IM Nutrient Therapy

Intramuscular (IM) boosters therapy is an energizing boost of custom vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants injected into the surface layer of your muscles, which provides an immediate and lasting boost in energy and well-being.

IV Nutrient Therapy
Intravenous (IV) infusion therapy is a powerful delivery of nutrients infused directly into the bloodstream with 100% being absorbed directly. It allows the highest amount of nutrients to be given over a longer duration of time to give an overall sense of well-being.

By bypassing the digestive system and the liver your body receives much higher doses of nutrients than dietary or oral supplement sources. For example, IV high dose vitamin C (50g/day) therapy increased plasma levels of vitamin C almost 10X compared to the levels obtained from oral supplementation (2500 mg/day).1,2 Even with a 12-fold increase of oral vitamin C from 200 mg/day to 2500 mg/day the plasma concentration of vitamin C only increases by 25% from 1.2 to 1.5 mg/dL and with further increased dosing only to 9.3 mg/ dL 1,2 .Similarly, oral supplementation with magnesium results in little or no change in serum magnesium concentrations, whereas IV administration can double or triple the serum levels at least for a short period of time. 3,4


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Common nutrients injected include:

  • Vitamins B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12), Folic Acid, Biotin, C, D,
  • Minerals: Calcium, Chromium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc
  • Amino Acids: L-Arginine, Glycine, Taurine
  • Antioxidants & Co-Factors: Glutathione, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Selenium

If you are fighting back feeling tired, irritable, depressed or just not at your best, your health may be less than optimal simply due to a nutrient deficiency. With a busy life-style it’s hard to get all the fruits & veggies that you need to fuel your body every day. The most common nutrients that people are deficient in include: Vitamin B6, B12, D, Magnesium, and Iron. Our precision formulas that get infused right into your body include the latest researched nutrients for your Jump-Out-Of Bed Energy! The major goal is that once the natural products are injected, your own body’s system is stimulated to reset the body back in balance.

Nutrients can be tested by blood work and assessed with our Health Advisor Questionnaire (HAQ).

IV Therapy can be effective in the treatment of many health concerns, and can even work with several medical treatments to get you better results with fewer side effects and increased quality of life. The list of substances we have access to as Naturopathic Doctors and Nurse Practitioners are approved by our regulatory boards because they have been proven to be safe, and helpful for various health concerns.

The Revivelife™ Vitamin Lounge regulated practitioners are trained in the additional skills, techniques and certification to effectively deliver Nutrient Infusions.  The BDDT-N Nutrient Infusion policy establishes the permitted therapies and substances currently permitted for use in Ontario. The Naturopathy Act awards NDs the Controlled Act of “administer, by injection or inhalation, a prescribed substance” with successful completion of an approved certification course and passing a board exam to practice nutrient infusion above the seven years of training to become an ND.

For Nurse Practitioner’s they must first be a Registered Nurse and then proceed to their Nurse Practitioners Master’s degree which allows them to issue prescriptions and do nutrient infusions. Infusion nurses work together with the Nurse Practitioner’s prescription to safely inject or infuse nutrient solutions. All Revivelife practitioners are trained in emergency care techniques.

The formulas are chosen for you based on your body’s needs. In addition to ensure your levels remain optimal ongoing lab testing is performed. IM therapies include nutrients that are fat soluble and thus stay in the body for a duration of time, while IV therapies include nutrients that are all water soluble which means that your body will use what it needs and then eliminate what it doesn’t need avoiding toxic levels.

IV infusions are not indicated for those who

  • With severe kidney disease or failure
  • With advanced liver disease
  • With severe heart disease, or high blood pressure
  • With diabetes
  • With G6PD (a genetic condition where vitamin C is poorly metabolized).
  • With allergies to any of the ingredients
  • Take medications called nitrates, often prescribed for chest pain, or guanylate cyclase stimulators like Adempas (riociguat) for pulmonary hypertension as your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level.
  • Have any of the following for IV glutathione therapy: Heart Failure, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Cirrhosis or Ascites, Recent Heart Attack, Pleural Effusion(s), Taking Diuretics (e.g. HCTZ, Lasix), Bleeding Abnormalities (e.g. Hemophilia, von Willebrand Disease)

If you are on any medications or have any other chronic conditions, please be sure and let your Vitamin Lounge professionals know to assess if this therapy is right for you.

IM injections are tolerated by most patients. These injections are contra-indicated for patients with Optic Nerve Atrophy, Hemachromatosis, and Leber’s Disease. Please consult your Vitamin Lounge professionals if you are pregnant or breastfeeding prior to booking.

You will be greeted by our friendly staff and be provided with some paperwork to fill out if this is your first time. You will then meet with one of the team members for your Vitamin Lounge Initial Visit (30 min) or Naturopathic Initial Visit (60 min+) (for the most comprehensive approach). Next you will be referred to the Vitamin Lounge and receive a requisition to go for blood work to determine the best formula for you and to ensure that the therapy is the right approach for your care. You will return for your review of blood work, confirmation of plan, and then begin your therapy.  Your IV nurse will greet you, answer any questions that you may have, take your vitals, and then insert a very small ¾” needle into a vein and will start the IV line. You can then sit back, relax, enjoy a complimentary herbal tea or latte, watch your favorite Netflix, read a book or listen to some music. We ask that you bring headphones for the comfort for those around you. Our IV nurses will monitor you throughout the therapy and provide you with a safety bell to ring if you need us. The IV bag will take approximately 30 minutes for most formulas to drip. When your IV is completed your IV nurse will take post-treatment vitals, make sure you are comfortable, and provide post-treatment care instructions.

The same process for IVs is followed for IMs except for IM’s your nurse will insert a very small needle into your deltoid or gluteus maximus muscle and slowly inject your formula.  The IM shot will take approximately 15 minutes. When your IM is completed your IM nurse will take post-treatment vitals, make sure you are comfortable, and provide post-treatment care instructions. While relaxing during the post-treatment observation time 15 minutes feel free to relax with a complimentary herbal tea or latte.

There will be a mild uncomfortable prick with needle insertion which lasts for less than 1 second. Some individuals will apply a topical anesthetic which they can purchase over-the-counter from any drugstore called EMLA cream which eliminates this sensation for improved comfort if this is irritating. Simply apply this 20 minutes prior to treatment. Most patients find their therapy relaxing, comfortable and well tolerated with minimal or no discomfort. You can relax during your therapy with in The Vitamin Lounge with music, a good book or magazine with a cup of tea from our health bar or drift away to catch your moment of Zen in the city. You can enjoy the rest of your normal activities after your therapy with a renewed charge of relaxation and energy!

Nutrient services may be covered by your extended health care insurance provider under the designated practitioner that you receive your service by i.e. Naturopathic Doctor consultation, Nurse Practitioner treatment.  Please check with your insurance company for details. A receipt will be provided for your care to submit to your insurance provider.

The number of visits required and reassessment visits vary depending on your concerns. Generally, nutrient infusion visits are done weekly until there is improvement and then reduced to maintenance bi-weekly, monthly or other customized to you. A reassessment with blood work is required after 8 treatments.

As with all Custom therapies, each treatment is unique to meet the patient’s specific needs with the first session being slightly longer. IM therapies are generally 20 minutes while IV therapies are generally 30-60 minutes+ (2 hrs. for high dose Vitamin C) depending on which nutrients are given. Patients will be informed of the length of their treatment prior to booking their appointment.


  • Please arrive for your treatment well hydrated (4 cups or 1L) and having eaten a meal or snack within 2 hours before your treatment. This ensures stable blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • We recommend dressing in loose fitting clothing and in layers for IV therapy as certain formulas can change your body temperature.
  • Feel free to bring things that you enjoy while relaxing including music with headphones, books, tablet, magazines or snacks. Please put your phone on vibrate during the sessions and refrain from wearing scented products to provide a relaxing environment for everyone.  We provide blankets, pillows and herbal teas or lattes and water.
  • Take an extra 15 minutes to relax prior to your treatment if you have just exercised, rushed to get to your appointment, or took the stairs up to the clinic as this will affect blood pressure readings.
  • Inform us of all changes to your health, current supplements and prescriptions or if there are any changes in dose.


  • Bring your water bottle or enjoy our complimentary herbal teas, latte or water, as we recommend that you continue to hydrate with 1-2 cups of water during your treatment.
  • Do not cross your legs during treatment as this may constrict blood circulation.
  • Inform us immediately if you are experiencing any discomfort, pain, heart palpitations, headaches, nausea, cramps, dizziness or if it becomes difficult for you to breathe. Ring the safety bell continuously until someone comes to attend to you.
  • Keep the arm that is hooked to the IV line still. If you need to go to the washroom ask that your IV line be stabilized additionally first.
  • Do not change the drip rate or move the IV bag as this may affect your treatment outcome.


  • Most individuals feel very relaxed after their treatment, sleep well, and wake up the next day with higher levels of energy. Variations will be present based on the IV formula that you receive.
  • Glutathione IV’s may cause your urine to smell like sulfur for a short time period.
  • Continue to hydrate with 2-4 glasses of water and eat another meal after your IV treatment.
  • If the IV needle insertion site becomes hot, red, itchy, or you develop a rash or have a fever, call our clinic immediately at 613-829-7100. If it is after clinic hours, please call 911 and check into your closest Emergency Room.
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