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iv max-ZEN


  • Restores Nutrients
  • Supports Serotonin


  • Stress
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Insomnia


  • Tailored to you. Commonly once a week until therapeutic results are obtained (4-8 treatments)
  • Reassessment and then maintenance monthly.

Our custom Zen IV formula with relaxation.1-4 calming vitamin B6 and magnesium helps you reduce stress, improve sleep, manage your blood pressure, and promotes relaxation.1-4


This drip supplies your body with the building blocks for optimal stress hormone balance to help calm, leaving you feeling rested and zen.


Ingredients:  B Vitamins, Methylcobalamin (active B12) Vitamin C, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Taurine

  • B Vitamins help to reduce the effects of stress on the body: B1, B2, B3 are key nutrients for brain health; B5 is required for optimal hormone production
  • Methylcobalamin an active form of B12
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and in large doses may prevent illness by alleviating the body’s normal response to stress.6
  • Calcium helps to relax smooth muscles and promotes a calming effect on the body.7
  • Chromium promotes optimal blood sugar and fuel for the body.
  • Copper acts as an antioxidant and helps to reduce oxidative damage of stress on the body.8,9
  • Magnesium helps to reduce the effects of stress, inflammation, free radical damage, and insulin resistance.10,11
  • Manganese is a mineral that is a key player in fighting oxidative stress that is linked to the aging process.12
  • Selenium is an antioxidant, promotes immunity and supports thyroid function.13
  • Zinc is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, modulates the immune system, promotes wound healing, reduces the production of excess sebum, and is antibacterial against P. acnes the bacteria linked to acne.14,15 A double-blind trial found that zinc supplementation was equally effective (about a 70%) in reducing acne severity compared to tetracycline antibiotic. 14,15 In addition zinc balances cortisol levels and plays a role in brain physiology.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine converts dietary fats into energy and muscle, supports heart health, improves cognition and mood, and has been shown to protect cells in the body against age-related degeneration.16-20
  • Taurine mediates osmoregulation and protein folding, which may contribute to its anti-aging role.21

Note – formulas may be modified occasionally. 


  • IM Fuel D: Vitamin D metabolites help reduce inflammation by regulating cytokines, promotes optimal mood, supports immunity, and healing.22,23

Relax and unwind with nutrients that help to calm the mind and body.

Ingredients: B Vitamins, MethylB12, Magnesium, Glycine, Taurine

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