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“SUCCESS isn’t always about greatness. It’s about CONSISTENCY. Consistent hard work leads to success. GREATNESS WILL COME. ~ Dwayne Johnson

A man once set a goal to climb to the peak of Mount Everest 8,848 meters high. He trained for a year and when he set out to transcend to reach his goal, the weather turned so he was forced to return to base camp at 7,000 meters. When asked you must be so disappointed? He replied, “Actually I spent many hours connecting with my son while training at our local mountain and I never would have even got to climb Everest at all, had I not set this challenge in front of me”. Life is about progress not perfection and many times the journey along the way and what we learn, and experience is what makes life worth the ride!

Research shows that when you wake with a purpose which the Okinawans who are known to live long lives, call “Ikigai” or “why I wake up in the morning” can add up to seven years of additional life expectancy.1  Will power is something that is hard to measure, but it has the capacity to elevate you to your highest peak often even more than natural talent. Don’t forget that it is said that it takes approximately 10,000 hours to be very good at anything and along the process it is normal to have ups and downs but when you look at the overall picture there is improvement. 2 So find your inner strength and will power whether it’s to climb Everest or simply to be able to do 10 push ups and set your goals, as the world is your oyster!  Success is also knowing what your challenges are, as we are all talented in different areas, not being afraid of asking for coaching to get your there and putting strategies in place for those potential challenges. If you fall, simply get up!

Writing down your goals is powerful, increasing your chances of success by at least 100% according to many goal experts. One-third of your brain (prefrontal cortex) keeps your behaviours on track and uses the brain to its utmost ability. The prefrontal cortex is engaged when goals are set or in other words your actions will follow when you set and write down your goals. Willpower and burning desire are the positive magnetic turbo charges in this path making anything possible.  Creativity is also key, as there are many ways to achieve a goal. Thus, it’s important to think about what a few different ways are of achieving the same goal. Invest this time in yourself, write down your goals as if you have already achieved it, visualize yourself as having accomplished it and experience all the emotions that are associated with making it happen.  To reinforce your goal visually take your before, during and after photos and place them here.

When setting goals think about SMART: OSA goal setting and keep in mind the more specific it is the greater the potential of achievement.

  1. S: Specific: What do you want to achieve? What are the possible ways to get there? i.e. Have more energy so that I can run a 10k!
  2. M: Measurable: What are the checkpoints and end goal that can be measured? i.e., Change my energy from a 3/10 with needing a nap during the day to an 8/10 and being able to have enough energy to work out!
  3. A: Achievable: How will you achieve this goal, including the possible ways to get there?e., A New Program; Getting 8 hours of sleep at night; Adding a nutritious breakfast to my routine instead of fast food.
  4. R: Relevant: Why do you want to achieve this goal?e. I’m tired of being tired!
  5. T: Time: In what time frame do you want to accomplish what? I recommend setting goals that are quarterly goals or goals that are set for 90 days/12 weeks or less as they are more manageable than setting a goal that is to be accomplished over a longer time like a year. e., targeting a 5/10 energy where I can run 5k without stopping in 5 weeks and targeting a t8/10 energy in 10 weeks where I can run a 10k without stopping!
  6. O: Obstacles: What has gotten in the way of you achieving these goals before?
  7. S: Solutions: What are the solutions?
  8. A: Anchor: To make it easier to implement, anchor your new goal with a current daily habit or key thing that you do every day. Anchor habits are those core habits that tend to happen daily. i.e., Drink 8 glasses of water daily. By anchoring drinking water to a daily habit such as brushing your teeth, workouts, or driving in the car. For me what works is to have a glass of water before each new client that I see! Another example is if you want to add yoga into your day, you may anchor it to your workout. So that every time you workout, you add yoga right after. It is a great way to not have to reformat everything and make a small change that’s already going to be easy to do, because you already have some key things in place that you are already doing.

By working with the Revivelife Team you can turbo charge your goals!

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