Dr. Joël Villeneuve ND

Dr. Joël Villeneuve, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Joel Villeneuve, is a licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Doctor based in Ottawa who is the Founder and Clinical Director of Revivelife Clinic. She is also the author of the book  Powerfoods 101 sharing her passion for nutrition, love of cooking and commitment to advancing health research. Dr. Joel Villeneuve’s pursuit of excellence, providing trusted care to her patients and motivational coaching has defined her 30+ year journey as a highly respected Naturopathic Doctor Practicing Integrative Natural Medicine. 

She believes that each person’s journey to wellness is unique and that by taking time to listen the body will give us clues as to what it needs. Dr. Joel, ND strives to elevate complete health care by collaborating and referring to other health professionals including traditionally trained medical doctors.



Areas of Interest 



Dr. Joël Villeneuve, ND completed her Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Waterloo, graduated as valedictorian to receive her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto and obtained her certificate in Personal Training from the Sports Performance Institute. She received numerous scholarships and awards during her formal academic training. 

Dr. Joel Villeneuve, ND has received over 1200+ hours of in-residence training in Lifestyle Counseling, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine, and Homeopathy to earn her doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine. She has pursued further international post-graduate training and advanced certificates in the following areas: 


Dr.Joël Villeneuve, ND has been a member of the following institutions as a professional educator for “Integrative Wellness Medicine”:


Dr. Joël Villeneuve, ND holds the following professional memberships and affiliations:


Dr. Joel, ND writes and blogs extensively on natural medical subjects for the Ontario Naturopathic Association, among numerous publications.

Career Highlights

Dr. Joël Villeneuve, ND is recognized for her roles as an integrative doctor, author, personal trainer, key opinion leader, entrepreneur, TV Host, media personality, professional educator and national speaker. She has founded the project Powerfoods 101 in partnership with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation in support of Complementary Medicine Cancer Research.

She is a consultant to many organizations including Farm Boy, Greco Fitness and athletic teams including high-performance NHL athletes in collaboration with Tony Greco, founder of Greco Fitness.  She is the founder of the NCO Ski Racing Medical Team and is their Director of Nutrition. She collaborates with athletic health providers including those from the Ottawa Carleton Sports Medicine department – Dr. Taryn Taylor, MD, who is an active member of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Dr. Jessica (Butler) Curran, MD, Sports Medicine Physician. Dr. Joël, ND, continues to teach health programs in the community and at The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Joël, ND has recently been awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her contribution in the field of health and wellness. She was also selected as Ottawa’s Favourite Naturopathic Doctor by FACES Magazine.

Why I Love What I Do

Dr. Joël, ND loves life and igniting your Jump-Out-Bed energy to kickstart your day. Dr. Joël, ND is grateful that those around her and the work that she does gives her just that. She aspires to help people tap into their inner energy and bliss to become the best that they can be! Smile It’s contagious!

Living Life 

In her downtime, Dr. Joël, ND can be found enjoying active family time with her husband, two sons and two dogs Lola & Roxy, skiing, biking or traveling. You can also find her whipping up a new culinary delight sparking her inner foodie, photographing or just relaxing at any of our nearby lakes!

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Live Your Extraordinary Life!

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