Sonia Zaki, Osteopath

Sonia Zaki, (NaturOsteo) offers osteopathic manual therapy. Sonia provides hands-on therapy treating mostly any chronic joint pain. Most common issue treated is lower back pain.


To treat the body as a whole.

Areas of Interest


Osteopathy aims to treat the body as a whole. She doesn’t only target the problem, she assesses everything around to make sure the body moves with coordination. Without any medication nor machinery, it can improve the condition of an inflicted human body.She has been working in a hospital as a medical electrophysiology technologist. Sonia deals with patients on a daily basis, subjecting them to medical exams.


Career Highlights

Establishing an Osteopathic practice that has helped many clients and is self-rewarding.

Why I Love What I Do

Undoubtedly, empathy and accuracy are the two most important assets to develop in order to establish a great relationship with the patient.

Furthermore, she is very fond of human anatomy. What an amazing machinery we are!

Living Life 

You can find Sonia enjoying the great outdoors in her time off.