Tony Greco

   Tony Greco, Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist

Canada’s Leading Fitness Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Celebrity Trainer Radio Host, Life Coach, Director of Fitness & Lifestyle at Revivelife Clinic & Founder of Greco Fitness


Areas of Interest 



Tony is a top graduate from the Sports Performance Institute, whose certification exceeded the guidelines established by the National Fitness Leaders Advisory Council in personal training, training for advanced fitness and recreational sport, exercise technique specialist and nutrition for health and performance.  Tony continues to go above and beyond with each and every aspect of his fitness training system, in which clients and franchisees alike, reap the benefits of an amazing program.

Career Highlights

Tony won the IAKSA World Kick Boxing Championship title in 1995. Subsequently in 2016, Greco Fitness merged with a team of successful Ottawa business investors and the well-established New-York based Integrity Square, an early stage growth investor in the Health, Active Lifestyle & Outdoors (“HALO”) sector. The co-founder of Greco Fitness has had the pleasure to be sought out by some of the biggest names in the NHL. He has trained Claude Giroux (the Philadelphia Flyers), Dan Boyle (New York Rangers) and Mike Fisher (Nashville Predators), just to name a few.  In addition, Tony  has also created programs for, and personally trained, Country Star Carrie Underwood and former Supermodel Carol Alt.

Tony is excited to now join the Revivelife Clinic and collaborate with Dr. Joel Villeneuve to develop The High Performance Lifestyle Program.

Why I Love What I Do

Tony loves to motivate people to help them reach their goals and find success in every part of their lives.  In the early 1990s, Tony and his  friend Paolo took a $10,000 venture loan to begin what has now grown into the leading boutique fitness gym in Canada and soon-to-be-present in the U.S market. Starting a business from scratch is no easy task. Everything  Tony has learned  about wellness and business came from passion, dedication and hard work. This has always guided him through his business career, relationships, financial decisions and health choices

 Living Life 

Outside of the fitness studios and clinic Tony can be found enjoying time with his wife and 2 children, playing hockey with the guys and having a cup of java. Tony’s motto is “You know who you are and what you want” and he helps people get exactly that!


Hard times don’t last strong people do!