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Thyroid Test You Can Do In Your Own Home

Thyroid Test You Can Do In Your Own Home, Functional Hypothyroid, BBT, Ottawa Naturopath

The basal body temperature (BBT) test is a method to help assess your thyroid function as your body temperature is regulated by the thyroid hormones and can be done right in your own home!  It may be up to 85% reflective of thyroid function on its own and when combined with the Health Advisor Questionnaire-Thyroid (HAQ-T) can be up to 100% reflective. Blood tests for thyroid measure the amount of thyroid hormones circulating but may not give a complete representation of  how much active hormone (T3) actually is available to the cells . Ideally one would have a complete thyroid blood panel, take the HAQ-T , their BBT and work with a health care practitioner to properly diagnosed.

Using a BBT/fertility thermometer take your temperature under your arm (axillary) (by holding it there until for 10 minutes for a traditional mercury thermometer or once at 5 & 10 minutes and then averaging the value on a digital thermometer) , first thing in the morning before rising, when the body is completely at rest. For women with a period take it on your 2nd, 3rd and 4th day of your menses. For women without a period and men take it for 3 days at any time of the month.

Record the readings and note if there is anything unusual that may impact your BBT such as: a different thermometer, illness, medication, activity, stress, food consumption.

Normal Thyroid Function: 36.6˚C(97.8˚F) to 36.8˚C(98.2˚F)

  • Hypothyroid Function: <36.6˚C(97.8˚F)
  • Hyperthyroid Function: >36.8˚C(98.2˚F)

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For a printable PDF version click here basal-body-temperature

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