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+Book an Appointment

Schedule your virtual appointment by using one of the following methods:


Phone 613-829-7100


Have your credit card on hand as you will be asked for your credit card for billing.

+Get Ready

Use your mobile phone, tablet, or computer with a webcam.

Be sure to check that:

your WIFI connection, webcam, and speakers are all working



5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment,

Click the link that has been emailed to you.

You will be logged into a virtual, secure, and private reception room

that your practitioner will join for your visit at the scheduled time.


+Payments & Receipts

The credit card that you provided at the time of booking

will be processed and a receipt will be emailed to you for insurance purposes.

You can also call 613-829-7100 to leave your credit card on file prior to your appointment

or to inquire about direct billing options.


You may use a mobile phone, tablet, or computer with a web camera and speakers. Telephone consultations are also available.

Not to worry! It’s very easy. Simply follow the link and directions provided to you by email. If you need extra assistance please contact us at 613-829-7100 or and we’ll walk you through it!

Your practitioner will stop the video consultation and call the number on file to complete the visit.

Your practitioner’s Patient Prescription Sheet is available through your patient portal, allowing all of your paperwork to be electronic! To access our secure and HIPAA compliant patient portal please Click Here.  If this is the first time, please use “New Sign Up”. A link will be sent to your email and from that link, you will be able to create a password and then sign on to the Portal. The portal will provide you access to your billing, treatment plans, and you will also be able to request and cancel appointments through the portal. If you have any questions please Contact Us. 

You may fill your supplement recommendations at any location of choice. Our natural supplement store carries a full array of high quality, well-researched products that have carefully selected for effective use. Please contact us for details at or 613-829-7100.

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