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Dr. Joel Villeneuve, ND
Dr. Diana Semjonov, ND


Naturopathic Initial Visit I

One of our highly skilled Naturopathic Doctors will meet with you for 60+ minutes to review your health goals, history, and share your preliminary assessment. Next you will be given the option to proceed to care or have additional lab testing completed for your treatment plan.

  • Health Assessment
  • Metabolic Urine Test (MUT)- a screening assessment of adrenal health, digestion and inflammation
  • Nutrient & Health Advisor Questionnaire
  • Targeted Physical Exam, where relevant
  • Initial Recommendations

Naturopathic Initial Visit II

In this visit 2 weeks after your initial visit, your Naturopathic Doctor will review your lab results and provide you with your Doctor’s Report including resources for a 30-45 minutes consultation.

  • Lab Assessments
  • Evaluation of Medications & Supplements
  • Doctor’s report, Plan and Resources
  • Power Foods 101 Book (For Dr. Joel Villeneuve’s clients only)

Follow up Visits

These visits are 30-60 minutes long to re-evaluate your progress, prescription assessment, changes & refills and to integrate new health concerns. The frequency is tailored to you. It is generally, every 4 weeks, then reduced to wellness visits every 6-12 months.

  • Re-evaluation of Progress
  • Prescription Updates
  • Integration of New Health Concerns

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Please complete the following prior to your appointment.

Sign up to your patient portal that hosts your patient visits, administration and allows you to direct message the team in a secure HIPAA compliant at Patient Portal

Receive an email once your appointment is booked with links to complete the following:

  1. Intake form
  2. Health Consent
  3. Nutrient & Health Advisor Questionnaire

Please bring any lab tests that you may already have had done for review or upload them into your patient portal.

Note: We can also obtain a copy directly from the lab with your authorization which can be done attheend of your initial visit.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that we require a minimum of 48-HOURS (2 business days) notice by emailing or calling us to allow live-time access to other patients who may be waiting to avoid the charge for the full fees for the appointment scheduled.


During your 60+ minute Part I-New Patient Appointment you will provide a urine sample for the Metabolic Urine Test (a metabolic urine test to screen your pH, adrenal and digestive function). Then one of our highly skilled Naturopathic Doctors will take time to listen to your health history, nutrition and lifestyle as well as review your medications and supplements. Additionally they will perform a health-specific physical exam, where indicated. This collectively helps to determine if additional testing is indicated. You will then be given Option 1- To Proceed to Care or Option 2 Additional Laboratory Testing to create a 3-dimensional view of your health.

This visit is covered by most health insurance plans.

Naturopathic doctors use conventional and integrative medical specialized laboratory testing and physical examination as an integral part of your complete naturopathic medical assessment.

During your initial new patient appointment- Part I your Naturopathic Doctor will assess your health and may recommend further specialized testing to assess your situation
fully. The details of the testing options will then be reviewed with you to confirm if you’d like to proceed with testing or have a health plan to be formulated from the information that is present.

In Part II of your Naturopathic Initial visit, 2 weeks later, your Naturopath will review all lab findings, assess the root cause(s) of your health concerns, provide a plan and then offer coaching and support for optimal success.

This visit is covered by most health insurance plans.

As each person’s plan is individual to them, your follow-up visits and therapies thereafter are customized to you. Your appointments may be recommended to be once every 4 weeks until improvement is achieved, then your visits may be reduced to once every 6-8 weeks, 8-12 weeks, and then twice a year (every 6 months) when you are in wellness. They can be approximately 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour (this time is recommended if you haven’t had a follow up for over 3 years). It is important to maintain this prevention plan and not wait for symptoms before returning.

Physical Treatment Plans such as acupuncture or Bowen therapy are generally once a week for 3, 6 or 12 weeks with a follow-up assessment done to assess progress every 3 weeks.

At Revivelife Clinic we have created an on-line file that is accessible for both you and your health care providers in a private Revivelife patient portal that contains both your administrative and health information that is up-to-date and is accessible any time, any place with personalized log in details. It hosts your administrative information i.e. invoices, medical letters and your health information i.e. intake forms, questionnaires, diagnostics, care plans including supplement or therapy recommendations and handouts that are a part of your therapy.  To make the most of your appointment, before your appointment we recommend the following: 

Pre-Appointment Checklist: 

  • Set up Patient Portal– you will receive a Welcome email and confirmation of your appointment details – in-clinic, virtual or by telephone with a link to set up your patient portal and required intake forms. 
  • Intake Forms – complete your intake form, health advisor questionnaire, and consents in advance or arrive 20 minutes before your appointment to allow time to complete them all. The intake form includes information about your allergies or intolerances. 
  • Lab Tests – upload copies of your recent diagnostic laboratory tests i.e. blood work, X-rays, MRIs, scans, medical reports or any additional information you wish your naturopathic doctor to review in your patient portal. 
  • Medications & Supplements – include a list of your medications and supplements including the brand, dose, how long you have been using them and approximately how often you take them. i.e. 1. Birth Control Pill – Yaz 1/day before bed starting January 2000 2. Vitamin D3 (Douglas) 1000IU/day with a meal starting August 1, 2019, used 50% of the time 3. Veggie Greens (Progressive) -1 scoop/day in smoothie starting August 1, 2019, used 100% of the time
  • Questions – be sure and bring a list of any questions or additional concerns that you have to ensure that we are addressing all aspects of your health, testing and treatment options. This process provides important information that your naturopathic doctor will use during the assessments of your health concerns.

One key aspect of the role of your naturopathic doctor is to assist you in obtaining natural remedies with the highest current standards for safety, quality, and effectiveness to be used with the supervision of a licensed health care provider. The naturopathic doctors and nutritionists at Revivelife Clinic continuously research all the professional health products available through the natural supplement store to bring you products that are effective for overall wellness and the biomarkers in lab testing that can measure and monitor health. The Revivelife team is committed to offer competitive pricing and look for supplements that taste great or are easy to use, making your everyday routine easy to implement.

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